Dutch Company Management services / Dutch trust services

IQN provides a wide range of Dutch company management services...

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Dutch Administration and Accounting services

IQN has highly qualified staff specialized in providing Dutch administration...

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Dutch Tax Compliance services

The Dutch tax compliance services of IQN cover all Dutch tax compliance...

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Dutch Legal Compliance services

IQN provides a comprehensive range of Dutch legal compliance services...

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Welcome to The Dutch Compliance Center, DCC.

Our firm is a unique shop in the top-end Dutch corporate compliance services market. We offer our clients deep experience and senior-level professional attention at rational billing rates. The majority of IQNs managing directors and staff has gained their experience at BIG4 accounting and tax firms and Dutch (tax) law firms. We are a firm of very experienced and hard-working professionals, providing a full array of highly sophisticated Dutch corporate compliance services.

We run our firm effectively and efficiently.

The benefits of our model are passed on to you in terms of both service and cost. We are fortunate to have a blue-chip client roster as a testament to our value proposition. We appreciate our loyal client support and welcome new clients that will benefit from our unique approach to Dutch corporate compliance services.

The Dutch corporate services IQN offers can be divided into the following sections:

  • Dutch Company Management services / Dutch trust services
  • Dutch Administration and Accounting services
  • Dutch Tax Compliance services
  • Dutch Legal Compliance services

Although IQN does not provide tax and legal opinions nor statutory audit services, IQN can be your local liaison with external experts in this field, resulting in more efficiency and lower overall external consultancy costs.